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How does Crowdship work?

Crowdship works very simply, automating as much of the drop shipping process as possible

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From start (pre-installation) to finish (your first sale), Crowdship works as simply as possible:

  1. Install Crowdship (and configure [optional])

  2. Select and import some Crowdship products (also as simple as 1, 2, 3)

  3. And you're ready to start selling and accepting orders!

  • Once you have paid orders that have Crowdship items, Crowdship will automatically pick them up, charge your card for the cost, and have them fulfilled.

  • Once the Supplier fulfills the order, a fulfillment update (with a a tracking number where available) will be automatically be updated to your store.

  • If the quantity level of a product changes, Crowdship will automatically update your store, to keep your store's inventory in sync with Crowdship so that you always know that what you're selling is in stock.

That's all!

In a bit more detail, Crowdship works as follows:

  1. Install: A Retailer Client installs the app on their Shopify store (currently the only platform supported but more coming soon).

  2. Products: After install is complete, Client navigates to the products page and chooses products to import.

  3. On Sale: Once products have been imported into Client's Shopify, they are now available for sale on Client's Shopify.

  4. Order: Once orders for Crowdship-imported items come in to the Client's Shopify, Crowdship will detect and send to the Supplier.

  5. Fulfillment: Once Supplier fulfills the order, they will add the tracking number to their order on Shopify.

  6. Tracking: Crowdship will detect the tracking number being added to the Supplier's order and update the Retailer's order with the same tracking number, completing the order and transaction.


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