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How do I add or import products into my store?
How do I add or import products into my store?

If you're a Retailer looking to add products to your store, this article will show you how to add products.

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To add products

  1. Navigate to Marketplace (on the left, side menu).

  2. Select the products you want to import into your store by clicking on the checkbox to the left of the product image (or top left corner if using Grid view).

  3. Once you've selected the products you want to add, click "Add to import list."

  4. When you're done selecting and adding products to the list, navigate over to the "Import list" on the left, side menu,

  5. Here you can review the final details of each product, and once you're satisfied, click "Push to store" and the product will be imported into your shop (don't worry too much about these details, because you can always change anything about your products).

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