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Does Crowdship offer merchant processing?
Does Crowdship offer merchant processing?

Enable your customers to use a credit card to pay for their orders

Updated over a week ago

Unfortunately, at the moment, Crowdship does not offer in-house merchant processing.

If you want to allow your customer's to pay for their order with a credit card, you need to apply for and acquire a merchant processing account.

You can first try the Shopify Payments processor or one of Shopify's recommended third-party merchant processors - you may be qualified, depending on your industry, geographic location, and some other factors that Shopify may consider.

Also, though currently, Crowdship does not have any merchant processing partners, we have had some clients report good results from applying with the following merchant processors (NOTE: these are not endorsements, promotions, nor announcements of affiliation - we have no relationship with these processors):

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