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How can I pause selling a product?
How can I pause selling a product?

Sometimes you just want to temporarily pause selling a product: here's how.

Updated over a week ago

If you just want to pause selling a product, there is very quick and simple way to do that.

Simply set the product's stock (inventory level) to 0. If there are none in stock, then it can't sell - Done!

NOTE: There are other ways to pause the sale of products: for example, by removing it from Crowdship - but this is not ideal, as removing a product from Crowdship (instead of just setting stock to 0), will cause it to be removed from Retailers' stores who are carrying it. And the problem with that is that then, when you are ready to start selling this product again, it won't be automatically re-added back to Retailer stores from which it was removed when you removed it from Crowdship.

So with that in mind, we can see that setting a product's stock to 0 is the quickest and simplest way to pause its sales, whether it's actually in stock or not.

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