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How do I use the "Request Fulfillment" button?
How do I use the "Request Fulfillment" button?

I just requested the fulfillment of this item. What happens next?

Updated over a week ago

Please disregard the “Request Fulfillment” button on Shopify.

On Crowdship, you don’t have to request fulfillment.

You never need to request the fulfillment, as all paid orders with an address are auto processed and fulfilled, automatically, ASAP, by default.

Once an order is received, and when the order is being fulfilled (meaning, the order has already been boxed, a shipping label has been purchased and attached, and then the tracking number added to the Suppliers order), then the fulfillment, and a tracking number if available, will automatically post to your store and update your order.

And if an order hasn’t started fulfillment yet for whatever reason, there will be no info to pass to your store on request anyway.

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